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បានផ្សាយនៅ ថ្ងៃទី, 15, មិថុនា, 2017, 03:43 AM | បានអាន : 733
ចែករំលែក :
 United Sisterhood Alliance (Us) is an alliance of four social groups include Women’s Network for Unity (WNU), Worker’s Information Center (WIC), Messenger Band (MB) and Social Action for Change (SAC). The individual institution had evolved from an organisation established in 1999 called the Womyn’s Agenda for Change (WAC). In 2009, to ensure the women’s voices are heard and had a strong influence at policy level, and also to manage and faciliate funding, the United Sisterhood Allicance had established and function.

The four members of Us are described as following: 

Social Action for Change (SAC) - work to build, strengthen and support grassroots movements, workers and women activists by providing technical assistance including policy analysis and space, and support in advocacy for socio-economic and political change;

The Messenger Band (MB) - the band that comprise of former garment workers, and focus on composing and perking original songs that reflect the current programs and situation faced by the working class and impoverished people of Cambodia and use those songs to raise awareness to the public, empower the workers and grassroots people for social action and change;

Women's Network for Unity (WNU) - work to strengthen the network of sex workers to advocate for their greater participation in the development programs, policies and laws related to sex work that will give them greater access to social services, and freedom from violence and discrimination;

Worker's Information Center (WIC) - focus on empowering women garment workers by building their understanding, ideas, analysis, and involvement to ensure workers' decision and actions to improve their living and working conditions, and to have a decent work with fair treatment and protection.

What we do?: We seek to build and strengthen people’s movements that strive for social justice and equality 

- An end to discrimination and human rights for all 
- A more equitable and democratic society 
- A genuine and resilient peoples’ movement
- A women’s rights campaign to access public social services in quality and justice

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